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The Model 1093 Heat Seal Press is an air operated press that is used to laminate Heat Seal Connectors (HSC) to LCD's, PC boards or similar components. Some benefits of HSC's are cost reduction, mechanical versatility, vibration and shock resistance, and improved interconnect quality in your assembly. HSC's are attached by applying both heat and pressure. The Model 1093 utilizes a constant heat thermode as opposed to pulse heat equipment and as a result has shorter cycle times since it does not require changes in the bonding head temperature during the bonding cycle.

Heat seal materials:

Heat seal materials compatible with the Model 1093 press are supplied by the following companies. Others may also be compatible.

3M Bonding Systems Division, 3M Center, Building 220-7E-01 St. Paul, MN 55144-1000

Toll free 1-800-362-3550 telephone, 651-733-9175 fax


ELFORM: PO BOX 7362, Reno Nevada

702 829-1905 telephone, 775 829-1693 Fax,


SHIN-ETSU: 5600 Mowry School Road, Suite 320 Newark, Ca 94560

510-623-1881 telephone 510-623-1603 fax


HITACHI:Chemical 46944 Liberty Dr. Wixom, MI 48393

(248) 863-3685 telephone, (248) 960-3136 fax


Description and Specifications:

Heat Source: Heat is provided by a 3" long, 400 watt cartridge heater that is surrounded by a precision machined bonding head. (Custom heater and bonding heads are available.)

Pressure: Bond force is applied by a 1 ½" bore air cylinder that is regulated from the front panel Cycle control: The bonding cycle is controlled by an internal microprocessor based instrument. The controller provides several functions:

1. Temperature control and display.

2. Cycle time control and display.

3. External thermocouple display (used in the initial setup and temperature profiling of new assemblies)

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