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Custom Instrumentation & Panels Contact Design Concepts for your special applications where you can talk directly to an Engineer to work out a solution to your instrumentation needs.
Contract Manufacturing & Product Design Design Concepts has years of experience in the design and manufacturing of electronic products. We can take your product idea through the design process, procurement of parts and then manufacture it for you. Low to medium quantity manufacturing is our focus and we do it all right here in the heartland of the USA.

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Main Content 0 LCD Character Displays

Display funcitons executed by a dedicated controller/character.
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Main Content 1 Heat Seal Connectors (HSC)

The equipment is used for Heat Seal Connectors (HSC) or Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) attachment.
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Main Content 2 Instrumentation Standard Products

The instrumentation product line, introduced in 1978 includes many legacy products along with a wide variety of new products that feature microprocessor based programmable controllers, displays, and meters.
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  • LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
  • TN - Twisted Nematic
  • STN - Super Twisted Nematic
  • FSTN - Film Compensated Super Twisted Nematic
  • CSTN - Color Super Twisted Nematic
  • TFT - Thin Film Transistor
  • HSC - Heat Seal Connector
  • ACF - Anisotropic Conductive Film
  • LVDT - Linear Variable Differential Transducer